NYCC 15 map your showNew York Comic Con has released the show floor map for their October show, seven weeks before opening day! (49 days, according to the widget on their website.)

Although some kids are already back to school, summer doesn’t end for another two weeks for most of us.

I had hoped to avoid thinking about my game plan before then, but…

Be advised: some booths, including the very large #1354, are on hold and remain anonymous, most likely awaiting payment. Whoever that is, I hope they pay up soon!

Also, while the North Pavilion is shown, none of those booths have yet been allocated for Artist Alley.

WHOA… I just noticed something interesting!

Open the show floor map (the big red block).

Zoom to the Crystal Palace area, the square space that’s right in front of the main entrance at 3B/3E.

Zoom in on that big X below the circle. (Those are the escalators which lead to the Fourth Floor.)

Zoom in closer… notice those little squares? Those are place holders for booths!

Four corners, in a high traffic area.  Wonder who will go there? Well, one exhibitor will be a new product, first seen this year back in 1989. It’s perfect timing. That’s all I’ll say.

By the way, while visiting the Javits Center website, I saw this special announcement:

The Javits Center is now offering free wireless service up to 256K of bandwidth throughout the facility. The wireless service is part of our new state-of-the-art technology system, one of the most advanced systems among convention centers nationwide.

Myself, I set my phone to airplane mode, otherwise the phone runs down the battery searching for a signal. I can still use it as a calendar, camera, and the official app.



  1. Please Dear Zeus, tell me the subway station in front of the Javits will be done…at least in time for NYCC 2017

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