During a special panel at New York Comic Con 2015, Dark Horse Comics in conjunction with Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products and James Cameron’s Lightstorm Entertainment announced that AVATAR, the highest-grossing film in history, will expand into the world of comic books in anticipation of the three upcoming film sequels. The books are said to tell stories about Pandora’s past, present, and future.

In a special prerecorded message, James Cameron revealed that the new series of comics will help shed more light on the mythology and history of the beloved film franchise.

No word on the official release or story details but with Cameron talking about three upcoming sequels it would serve both Dark Horse and the films to have these books out sooner than later to serve as refreshers to this world. After all in today’s world 2009 might as well have been last century.


A few more details have surfaced about Dark Horse’s agreement. The first of the prequel books will be released in 2017 and this deal is set for exclusive publishing rights which will span the next 10-years.