For those who missed it on twitter, our intrepid leader Heidi MacDonald was on the ground at the anniversary panel for The Dark Knight, where The Dark Knight III: The Master Race was on everyone’s mind. The panel had a few surprises in store, including an appearance by Frank Miller himself.

Here’s the rundown:



A few other details that surfaced from that panel:

  • Jim Lee revealed that the second bound mini-comic will be illustrated by Azzarello’s long-time collaborator Eduardo Risso (a very exciting development for this 100 Bullets fan)
  • There will be another showdown between Miller’s version of Batman and Green Lantern. Possible shades of All Star Batman and Robin?
  • On the collaborative nature of Miller and Azzarello’s writing partnership, Miller said: “I’m not being modest; I’m consulting, this is Brian’s show.”
  • And how the two initially came to be as a team, Azzarello said: “Frank was interested in revisiting this stuff, and he was interested in me visiting with him. I went over to Frank’s studio, we talked about this story, and it sounded like a pretty fun project to be working on together.”

To say I’m very excited to get more Miller-Janson art in my life is an understatement. I don’t think it’s terribly controversial to say they’re one of the great artistic teams in the history of the medium. I may be more excited for The Atom mini-comic than even the main book itself, though I am interested to see Azzarello play in this toybox a bit.


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