Once again, Chevy produced a white car, and allowed various artists to modify the body with body art.

(Here are pictures from 2011.  Scroll down.)

The car, a Chevy Camaro with a matte finish (yes, I touched it!), was roped off at the entrance to Artists Alley.

As can be seen on the schedule, a variety of illustrators were invited to sketch on the body of the car, using mostly ink.

(I surmise that the matte finish was so that it would accept the media better, with a possible clear coat applied later.  Or perhaps not, if the car is for display purposes only.)

The Camaro, tabula rasa.
The Chevrolet Camaro, tabula rasa.
The hood and front bumper.  Ant Lucia.
Driver's side door
Driver’s side fender and door.  V Ken Marion.
Driver's side door, detail.
Driver’s side door, detail.
Driver's side, rear.
Driver’s side rear panel.  Dawn McTeigue
Driver's side, rear, detail.
Driver’s side, rear, detail.
Trunk and rear bumper.  Scott Blair.
Trunk, detail.
Trunk, detail.
Work in progress.
Work in progress by Sara Richard.
Passenger's side door
Passenger’s side door. Brett Weldele.



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