Vertical’s inimitable Anne Ishii posts their New York Comic-con plans in the form of a sort of Socratic dialog:

Anne: We’ve been busy.
Dirty Sanchez: Busy doing what?
Anne: Busy getting ready for the NEW YORK COMIC-CON!
Dirty Sanchez: Hold on hold on. I gotta get something off my chest
Comic-con, you mean like nerd fest?
Anne: Shut up, Sanchez.

Folks, this is going to be the Vertical Comic-Con exhibition of a lifetime.

First, we launch Vertical’s highly anticipated, if sexually ambiguous manga (comics):

TO TERRA… by Keiko Takemiya. “In space, no one can hear you cry.”

It has all the juicy makings of a space opera…except astronauts in adult diapers. Seriously though, To Terra… makes Star Trek look like a show for losers.

Come by booth 965 for samples and stuff.

We’re also showing off the master/professor/educator supreme of horror cinema, DAVID KALAT. Most notably the founder of America’s oldest DVD import company, All Day Entertainment, Kalat is more recently the author of our book

J-Horror: The Ultimate Guide to The Ring, The Grudge and Beyond.

KALAT will be talking about Japanese horror cinema and the peculiar video/film industry that gave rise to it, on:

Saturday Feb 24, 8-9pm. I know I know. You’re thinking, “8pm?!”

Tell you what. You come out, and we will automatically enter you to win…

THE VERTICAL HORROR COLLECTION. That’s The Ring Trilogy by Koji Suzuki, Parasite Eve (which is the basis of the PlayStation videogame of same name), The Crimson Labyrinth (which is Battle Royale meets Lost), and of course, a copy of J-Horror.

Then, Saturday night you’ll stay up all night reading those books and come back Sunday afternoon to hear Vertical talk about:

THE FUTURE OF MANGA That’s Sunday, Feb 25 from 3-4pm. A couple of Vertical charges will explain with song and dance, what it means to publish a genre of comics more ubiquitous than the personal blog.

For the dedicated who make it to our presentation, we offer the first four volumes of Buddha and Volume 1 of To Terra… as a door prize to one lucky otaku.

The NY Comic-Con also marks the launch of our new line of craft and humor books created by the intrepid D.I.Y. team Aranzi Aronzo. We launch with two books by them. The Cute Book will teach you how to be cute, and The Bad Book will teach you how to, well, be bad. Aranzi Aronzo’s crafts are a fun and innocent diversion for kids 1 to 92, featuring a panoply of characters with strange histories. Think Hello Kitty on LSD.

Dirty Sanchez: Busy doing what?
Anne: Shut up, Sanchez.

Don’t miss any of the action, kids. We’ll be there with bells on.