Hey here’s what we’re up to at the REALLY BIG SHOW:

Friday 11:00 AM Room 1E09
From the Back of the Catalogue to the Top of the Charts
As the audience for graphic novels expands, there are more options for creators and readers than ever. James Lucas Jones from Oni, Ross Richie from Boom! Studios, Eric Lieb from Fox Atomic and Nick Barrucci from Dynamite talk about the issues of opportunities facing mid-level publishers. I am moderating this panel.

Friday 1:00 PM Room 1E16
Scott McCloud and Doug Rushkoff
Join Scott McCloud and Douglas Rushkoff for an hour of debate, theory and commentary on the state of the inudstry. The panel will be moderated by NYU’s Marianne R. Petit. I’m listing it here because I put it together just to hear these fascinating people talk and you should go!

Friday 2:00 PM Room 1E09
Choosing the News: The Changing Face of Online Journalism
It’s a fact – journalism has changed. With more outlets than ever, more demands from news sources, and comics increasingly covered by the mainstream, how do comics news sites navigate the uncharted waters? Join Matt Brady (Newsarama), Richard George (IGN), Rick Marshall (ComicMix), Brian Heater (Daily Cross Hatch) and others for this engaging discussion, moderated by The Beat’s Heidi MacDonald. NOTE: CBR’s Jonah Weiland has joined the panel so this will truly be the epic journo roundtable to end epic journo roundtables!

Friday 5:00 PM 1E07
Women in Comics
Gail Simone, Heidi MacDonald, Karen Green, Jennifer Grünwald, Shelly Bond and Becky Cloonan will discuss the State of the industry from their perspective, plus insight into their exciting current projects, moderated by Abby Denson. We will kick ass!

SATURDAY — I will not be at the con. Instead I will be celebrating the 90th birthday of my grandmother, Ilene Lasker. She is my last surviving grandparent and there is no way I could miss toasting this incredible woman. So, enjoy the con without me — I’m sure I’ll be reading about it everywhere and you can all tell me what REALLY happened. I will be back in time for the night’s festivities.

SUNDAY — no panels, schmoozing. Ask me about Veitnamese coffee.


  1. Wow. 90 Years. That’s a lot of love!
    please PLEASE someone videotape the McCloud/Rushkoff panel! This is one for the ages!

  2. hm…it ate my post. I wanted to ask will there be a transcript or summation of the McCloud/Rushkoff panel.

    Have fun! (at both the con and your Grandmother’s Birthday party!)

  3. I’m a little confused (and I don’t know why I care since I’m not going, but… )

    Is that “Women in Comics” panel different from the “Girls Who Kick Ass” panel? And how did the con decide who was a “woman” and who was just a “girl”?