Just to remind everyone, we’ll take part in two panels at the show, both on Sunday:

The Beat Presents The Art of Storytelling
Sunday 11:15 AM – 12:15 PM 1A06

As comics have become a more influential part of pop culture, their stories and characters are known more widely than ever. Step inside the minds of some of the comic biz’s best storytellers to find out how they approach their craft and shape their visions to create their best known works. Moderated by Heidi MacDonald, with Jim Lee, Marv Wolfman, Ben Templesmith, Terry Moore and Carla Speed McNeil.

Please note the final panel line-up. It’s incredible to know that Marv is now a “LIVING LEGEND.” We’ve known him since he was just living.


Lilly Renee Phillips Spotlight
Sunday 1:45-2:45 PM Room 1A17

Lily Renee Phillips was one of the pioneer women cartoonists in the Golden Age of Comics, working primarily for Fiction House publishers. Fleeing Nazi Germany to America as a child, she went on to draw covers and such features as The Lost World, Senorita Rio, and Werewolf Hunters for Planet Comics, Rangers Comics, and Fight Comics. With her then-husband Eric Peters, she also drew covers and interior stories for a number of Abbott & Costello Comics. Phillips talks about her amazing life and career with Heidi MacDonald (The Beat).

WE went over to visit with Lily Renee Phillips earlier this week to prep for the spotlight panel and what an amazing lady! She’s led an incredibly full life and remains gracious, charming and fascinating. Please come out to hear her story — you won’t hear one like it.