A smattering of newsie items we just coudn’t fit anywhere else.

• Don’t miss Kyle Baker at booth #2441. He’ll be selling copies of THE BAKERS: BABIES & KITTENS (Image) – nominated for an Eisner (Best Writer/Artist-Humor)! – selling sketches and displaying his award-winning animation on a giant flat-screen TV!

Alex Ross will be appearing and signing Alex will be at Table # 1 on Friday afternoon from 4:00 – 7:00. On Saturday, Alex will again be at Table # 1 from 1:00 – 4:00. Alex will not be doing commissions or reviewing portfolios.

AlexRossArt.com will also be exhibiting at the New York Comic Con and selling new original artwork by Alex Ross. Please stop by Booth #1720 to check it out.

Harris Comics‘ debuts and incredible show specials headline its offerings at this year’s New York Comic-Con. Harris will be at booth 1707 nearby one of the show’s main entrances!

Harvey Award nominated writer Joshua Hale Fialkov will be on hand to sign the brand new Vengeance of Vampirella trade paperback, collecting his blockbuster storyline from the Vampirella Quarterly. The newly released Best of Vampirella, Volume 1: Lost Tales trade featuring stories by Alan Moore, Warren Ellis and James Robinson will also be available at a special show price. We’ll be offering steep discounts on signed books, convention exclusives and hard to find collectibles, like the reissuing of the classic Jose Gonzalez Wall Poster! These are some of the very last posters we have available so get one while you still can!


MK Reed writes to say the new issue of PAPERCUTTER will be out at the show at the Indie Spinner Rack table once the show opens to the public with copies of the new issue of Papercutter. There has been hardly any small press/indie news for this show so it’s nice to see a little of the indie spirit representing.

Kunoichi, Inc., is holding a 2008 Artdrop New York Comic Con Talent Search. Kunoichi, who has provided comics illustration, concept design, and packaging design for companies including Hasbro, Cartoon Network, and Rockstar Games, will be reviewing artwork samples at Booth #1551 during New York Comic Con April 18-20.

Art samples submitted can include comics pages, or character designs. Kunoichi is seeking talented artists in all styles, beyond comic books and into other entertainment mediums. All materials submitted should be labeled with your contact information.

Scott Wegener artist/co-creator of Atomic Robo will be at the Double Midnight Comics Booth (#2702) on Friday and Saturday.

• Finally, there will be a Carousel! In 3D:

Sunday, April 20
3 PM – 4 PM

A series of cartoon slide shows of comics from Nickelodeon Magazine, presented by an array of artists and other characters. Plenty of gags, goofiness, audience participation and 3-D action! Definitely for kids and alternative-comics-loving adults. Free 3-D glasses and magazines!

Chris Duffy – Magazine Editor – Nickelodeon
Dave Roman – Magazine Editor – Nickelodeon
R. Sikoryak (Drawn and Quarterly)
Sam Henderson (Magic Whistle)
Kim Deitch (Alias the Cat)
Michael Kupperman (Tales Designed To Thrizzle)

Assisted by Karen Sneider (Pony Up!)
Adapted for 3-D projection by Gerald Marks