In the most awesome news of the show — news that had fans standing up and cheering as if they were at a Kevin Costner movie or something — Yen Press announced that they have the license for YOTSUBA&!, Brigid Alverson reports, and Volume 6 will be out in September, The popular series about a young alien and her gentle yet funny adventures was previously published by ADV.

§ It’s hard to pick up on what actually happened at Marvel and DC panels unless you have a crib sheet, but apparently:

• The whole Ultimate line is going away and there will be a NEW Ultimate line.

Eighteen minutes of THE WATCHMEN were shown (while we were still in bed, alas) and everyone had to change their pants afterwards.

§ There will be FINAL CRISIS tie-in books.

Seriously, we’re too knackered to take this all in. Where are our translators?


  1. ADV’s edition of Yotsuba&! volume one had “she may not even be from this planet” in the blurb — probably intended as metaphorical, and probably not translated from a Japanese original.

  2. I don’t understand. Why is Marvel restarting the Ultimate line? Did they write themselves into a corner or do they just want to have a whole bunch of brand new #1 issues?

  3. Yeah, the alien comment bugged me too. I take it more as a joke than that’s what she is.. unless Azuma has some twist in future volumes. Anyway, it is great to hear new volumes are on the way.