As we remarked to more than a few people at the show — everyone seems to be so busy Twittering a running tally of the show, no one goes home and writes about it any more! A welcome exception is Kiel Phegley, whose coverage of Thursday’s ICv2 conference, Four Color Forum, is now up, and it gives you all the important quotes:

Levy: Raise your hand, please, if you have an ipod in this room. [Virtually everyone raises their hands.] See. Now raise your hand if you’ve got a Kindle or another e-book device. [Three people raise their hands]. That’s like, maybe, not even a fifth. So once the same amount of people raise their hands on having an e-book device – and by the way, I personally believe that the current generation of e-book devices is not the type of technology is not the type of technology that’s going to become ubiquitous yet. I think there’s a lot of technologies out there like digital ink and e-paper that will really provide the book reading experience in a new book format. That type of technology is becoming cost effective with the right company…once there’s one of those , a device that all of you buy and your kids by, then we’ll be dealing with the same issues as the music industry.

…and more. Check it out.


  1. rofl! That comment is the biggest head in the sand comment! Oh wow…. Comics – will you never be run like a big kid business?