As every New Yorker knows, our mass transit is subject to a lot of vagaries, and checking to see if a particular line is running on the weekend can be the difference between a happy outing and a grim, life crushing slog.

As New Yorkers also know, the 7 line extension to Hudson Yards made getting to the Javits Center a snap. After several years of the line running, now when you board the 7 at Grand Central or Times Sq. during NYCC it’s common to see cosplayers, fellow comics pros and others headed to the show in a happy commute.

However, in a shocking deveopment, the Beat has learned that the 7 will not be running between Queensboro Plaza and Hudson Yards this weekend.

That means you can’t even take it to its former terminus at Times Sq. and walk over.

The stunner – and the MTA’s callous disregard of NYCC – was revealed on Twitter:

This reminds me of the time that the city of San Diego, in a bold nose thumbing gesture, decided to hvave Padres games DURING Comic-Con. This was long before the city and the con were besties, mind you. The resulting crush of people and strain on mass transit was a rude wake-up call, and it was decreed by all involved that never again would the Padres play at that time.

We hope that NYC and the MTA will also see the error of their ways this time. NYCC is far and away the biggest four day consumer event held at the Javits and A QUARTER OF A MILLION PEOPLE will be around the area over those four days. Mass Transit is the safest way to move these people in and out.

There’s a rumor going around that PATH service from Jersey will also be cut, but we couldn’t find that confirmed on the PATH website.

Without the 7 you have a few choices – the M34, which takes anywhere from 20-30 minutes from 2nd Ave. Or these “shuttles.” Or walking, which is what people did before the 7. The closest subway will now be the blue E line at 8th avenues. Its about a 10-15 minute walk depending on how encumbered you are.

This is why we say to wear comfortable shoes.

Anyway you slice it, however, this blows.




  1. I’m born and raised in Flushing, work in midtown – the 7 train doesn’t get you anywhere in a snap. And this year in particular has been a record breaking nightmare for commuters. Believe me, a 15 minute walk is a godsend compared to what a Saturday/Sunday commute on the 7 train would have been like if they kept it running. It actually sounds kind of fun for cosplayers to congregate in a shuttle bus.

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