Gibiate Character Designer Yoshitaka Amano has announced the lead voice cast for the anime as well as new characters in a Saturday NYCC panel. Tetsuya Kakihara (Fairy Tale, Gurren Lagann) will voice Kanzaki Sensui and Yukiyo Fujii (GeGeGe no Kitarō, Lupin the Third) will voice Kathleen Funada in the upcoming sci-fi anime, per a press release from the production team.

Gibiate is an anime that’s starting picking up steam after an Anime Expo 2019 teaser which featured a magical anime girl, a goth boy and one praying mantis/centipede monster getting sliced into bits. In Japan in the year 2030, a virus has ravaged its way through the population, turning humans into monsters (see the above mantis-pede), each one different depending on the affected person’s age, race and gender. One day, seemingly out of nowhere, a samurai and a ninja appear from the Edo period of Japan, teaming up with a doctor to uncover a cure for the virus – hence known as Gibia.

Kakihara will voice one of the aforementioned ancient warriors, Kanzaki Sensui, while Fujii joins the Gibiate cast as the young girl in the trailer, Kathleen. They’ll be accompanied by Hiroki Touchi (Mobile Suit Gundam 00) as Sanada Kenroku and Michio Hazama (Pocket Monster Sun & Moon) as Onikura Yukinojyo.

Along with the cast announcements, Gibiate also provided some new looks and descriptions for new characters – all of which you can check out below, along with the Anime Expo trailer. Gibiate is slated for a global release in summer of 2020 and adds that fans can look forward to more announcements involving creators and artists soon.

Hatonami Renjiro


The leader of Galients, the outlaw gang. He used to be the boss of mafia. 

Having broken the prison, he attacks Sensui and other people for food, with his weapon of Nagadosu (a type of Japanese sword).

Soshigaya Guren


The number two of Galients, having followed Renjiro since he was a gangster.

He fights Gibia by using his two pistols, unrivaled in speed and accuracy.

Mikimoto Isao


The member of Galients, who used to be a track and field athlete.

He has sympathy with Renjiro and Soshigaya because of their manhood.

Hamuro Katsunori


The member of Galients, who used to be a fishman.

He had happened to kill a friend in the fight, and been sent to prison then.  

Sakuma Hidenori


The member of Galients, who used to be a bomber.

Because of Renjiro’s manhood, he became Renjiro’s little brother in jail.