The last day of New York Comic-Con was a day of relative peace and tranquillity, unless you were Dan Slott in which case it was a day of  being chased by an angry mob whilst cackling like Machiavelli. It’s the day when people settle down, explore the booths which haven’t sold out, get their final sketches and autographs, and gently sip their last cup of convention coffee. As a result there’s rarely much news coming out from the last day, apart from the final sprinkling of covers.

Which, let’s go through them! With a range of covers from both DC and Marvel, there’s still some lovely new artwork to be enjoyed while you struggle through those final ringing moments of your New York hangover; and you see a discarded cape trailing over the end of your bed and wonder how it got there. While many bloggers would choose to segregate the covers, I’m going to thoroughly mix them up. JUST AS IT SHOULD BE! Together we stand, you guys.

Venom goes on a guided audio tour of Philadelphia, his new hometown:

The cover for Batman & Robin’s tie-in to ‘Death of the Family’ is part of a trend of covers which appear to reveal what Joker’s plan is going to be. If he can’t have his own face, then everybody else will have it for him!

Avenging Spider-Man will see the X-Men return to New York for some adventures with the web-slinger.

Batgirl falls prey to the Joker thanks to Ed Benes

Daredevil fights Stilt Man again, continues to have all the best covers

Nightwing’s slasher smile

Jamie McKelvie returns to the costume design he created for this Captain Marvel cover

Red Hood looks vaguely more sinister than normal in this Tyler Kirkham piece.

And finally:


  1. Like the Hawkeye and Daredevil covers! Nice clear images. By the way, the new Beat site does not ‘translate’ well to my default work browser, the mucho ancient (?) IE 8. Graphics elongate like a Plastic Man, Elongated Man and Mr Richards. Would be worth your coders having a look at.

  2. The Daredevil and Hawkeye covers are wonderful … contemporary while a classic feel. Lots of comic covers are trying to be badass … DD and Hawkeye are not attempting badass, but attain it.

    And if you ask me to explain that, I probably can’t …

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