Marvel’s merry mutants have been through the ringer since the catastrophic events of this year’s Hellfire Gala. The saga of the Krakoan Age is set to take another turn next year, as today Marvel announced at their “Next Big Thing” panel at New York Comic Con that a trio of new titles will launch in January under the umbrella of X-Men: Fall & Rise.

Here’s the info on the three titles debuting in January, including cover images and creative teams for each:

Fall of the House of X #1 (of 5) 

      • New limited series, on sale January 3 
      • Written by Gerry Duggan 
      • Art by Lucas Werneck 
      • Cover by Pepe Larraz 
      • KRAKOA HAS JUST BEGUN TO FIGHT! Mutantkind has never had a greater fall. From the highs of Krakoa – their own glorious nation, a place where they were safe and happy – to the lowest of lows. Outlawed, hunted, killed, most of their kind missing or dead, and now, one their greatest leaders, Cyclops, is on trial facing a death penalty. Ready or not, the time has come for the X-Men to make their final stand against the forces that have struck them low. The day is now. The place is here. The tale of the house Xavier built will long be told…and few will forget this darkest chapter. From writer Gerry Duggan (X-MEN, MARAUDERS, UNCANNY AVENGERS) and artist Lucas Werneck (IMMORTAL X-MEN, TRIAL OF MAGNETO) comes half of the story that will bring the Krakoa Age to its conclusion!

Rise of the Powers of X #1 (of 5) 

      • New limited series, on sale January 10 
      • Written by Kieron Gillen 
      • Art and Cover by R.B. Silva 
      • THE FIGHT FOR KRAKOA HAS BEEN LOST! Ten years ago, the mutants returned from their exile to try and reclaim the Earth from the forces of Orchis. They failed.  Now, within the victorious Orchis with their gauntlet choking the world, Nimrod and Omega Sentinel put their plan within a plan into action. They are to summon their binary god to consume everything in their accession. All that stands between them is the X-Men. What can they do? They’re the X-Men. They’ll find a way. That’s their power. So begins a story beyond time and space, with the rise of powers beyond our petty human intelligence. From writer Kieron Gillen (IMMORTAL X-MEN, UNCANNY X-MEN) and artist R.B. Silva (POWERS OF X, CAPTAIN AMERICA: SYMBOL OF TRUTH) comes half of the story that will bring the Krakoa Age to its conclusion!

Resurrection of Magneto #1 (of 4) 

      • New limited series, on sale January 24 
      • Written by Al Ewing 
      • Art by Luciano Vecchio 
      • Cover by Stefano Caselli 
      • LIFEDEATH! On Krakoa, resurrection from the dead was as easy as completing a circuit – but Krakoa fell. The time of easy miracles is over, and only the hard roads are left. Now it falls to Storm – as the epic conclusion to the Krakoan age looms – to bring their oldest enemy home to fight against the FALL OF THE HOUSE OF X…but after all he did, and all that was done to him, can Magneto bear to return?

Look for these three new X-titles to launch in January 2024.