Dynamite and Disney are adding another title to their Gargoyles lineup. This January, fans can look out for Gargoyles Quest, which will kickstart the early celebration of the 30th anniversary of the property.

Gargoyles Quest

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Readers saw the return of Demona in Gargoyles #7, hotly anticipated as one of the most beloved characters — especially for her complicated backstory, which Gargoyles: Dark Ages also delves into. Now back on the scene, she has one maniacal mission in mind. If she’s able to take possession of the fabled “New Keys to Power,” a set of ancient, magical artifacts, she will be granted with unimaginable and horrific powers.

This evil quest of hers will be resisted by her former partner in power and love, Goliath, the Manhattan Clan’s powerful leader. Of course, Goliath will have the support and backup of the clan; beloved warriors of the night like Hudson, Brooklyn, Lexington, Broadway, and he and Demona’s daughter, Angela. Their pursuit will be trying, as Demona somehow manages to always stay one step ahead of them. For this next unbelievable chapter in the tapestry, will the Gargoyles be able to put a stop to Demona’s crusade?

Weisman added, “We all know Demona has it out for the human race, so the big question isn’t, ‘Why does she want the Three New Keys to Power?’ but ‘How is she going to use them to destroy her perceived enemies, i.e., humanity?'”

Weisman leads the franchise he previously brought into the world, across the original TV show and now coming up on nearly 40 issues of comic books. Fans may also know Weisman’s work from Young Justice, The Spectacular Spider-Man, and other projects across animation, comics, and more. Artist Pasquale Qualano (Dejah Thoris, Sonjaversal, DC vs. Vampires: All-Out War) joins the series, and letterer Jeff Eckleberry completes the team.

Cover artists include Clayton Crain, Jae Lee and colorist partner June Chung, and Drew Moss.

Gargoyles Quest #1 will be available for preorder in November and will release in January. It will also be available for individual customer purchase through digital platforms courtesy of Comixology, Kindle, iBooks, Google Play, Dynamite Digital, ComicsPlus, and more.

Gargoyles Quest