Dan Harmon’s Krapopolis — a new animated family sitcom coming to Fox in May 2023 — debuted a series of clips Friday at New York Comic Con.

The show is set in ancient Greece, drawing heavily from Greek mythology, although actual history in the show is generally used somewhat loosely, to the point that Harmon warned fans of history that “they’ll be confused and offended all the time.” The show is centered on a mother-son relationship, between an invented goddess named Deliria and her mortal son Tyrannis, who is so named because his mother hoped he would grow up to conquer the world in her name.

The show is also set against the backdrop of mankind trying to figure out civilization.

“From the point of this show, civilization is an experiment,” Harmon said. “It’s like Bitcoin or something.”

Like Bitcoin in that some mortals are heavily invested in it working while others strongly believe that it’s a bad idea that will never work.

The clips debuted at the panel seemed to play with both these ideas at times, bouncing between discussions of whether a wooden plank used as a door was a good idea or just more mortal clutter. That was one clip. In another based on actual Greek myth, a character was doomed to have its liver eaten over and over by a bird, which was played for some great absurdist jokes.

The clips weren’t yet finished and lacked color, but it was easy to see hints of some of Harmon’s other work — from Community to Rick and Morty — in them nonetheless.

Also announced at the panel was that the decision-makers at Fox were already so bullish about the first season of the show that it was getting an early renewal for a second season.

The show’s regular cast includes Hannah Waddingham, Richard Ayoade, Matt Berry, Pam Murphy and Duncan Trussell. Harmon said there will also be guest spots from Stephanie Beatriz (voicing Athena), Daveed Diggs (probably not voicing Thomas Jefferson, but what if…), Tom Kenny, and Ben Stiller (who worked with Harmon years ago on the 1999 pilot, Heat Vision and Jack).

Dan Harmon's Krapopolis

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