The panel for Star Trek: Discovery kicked off with not just key art, but also a new trailer that was played not once, but twice. It was the first time the assembled cast had seen it, and the moderator, Karama Horne, also known as “theblerdgirl,” asked the crew in the Empire Stage room to play it back. There are a lot of vagaries in the trailer, as the new Star Trek Universe brand tries desperately to avoid spoilers, which was a common theme on the panel, with multiple cast members joking about losing their jobs if they revealed too much. Or were they joking?

This new trend towards franchises embracing spoiler culture, even franchises that historically have really not, is a little frustrating, because it gives us so little news to write about after we attend these panels. At least we got a trailer for Star Trek: Discovery’s fourth season, debuting November 18th, 2021 only on Paramount+. See it below!

There’s a Ferengi in this trailer, which makes my Star Trek: Deep Space Nine fan heart very happy, especially since its gotten paid dirt in this new iteration of the Star Trek franchise. We also get a glimpse at Gray Tal (Ian Alexander), the franchise’s first explicitly trans character, and his potential return to corporeal form…somehow. He was a previous host of the Trill symbiont that now lives on in Adira (Blu de Barrio), who is a human who somehow lives with a completely alien species in their gut. That was really the only barely spoiler given away, by Wilson Cruz, who plays Dr. Hugh Culber. Notice I used somehow twice, as I am completely baffled by that particular storyline. Yes, Riker in TNG held a symbiont temporarily, but that was temporary, and also the first appearance of the Trill, period. It makes no sense, and it does not compel me.

The STAR TREK: DISCOVERY cast and showrunner entertain at NYCC '21
From L to R: Moderator Karama Horne (obscured), Sonequa Martin-Green, Michelle Paradise, Blu de Barrio, David Ajala, Wilson Cruz, Mary Wiseman, and Anthony Rapp

Still, Ferengi! A mysterious anomaly that would’ve simply been one episode in any other Trek series! Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green), finally in the captain’s chair where she belongs! Okay, that last part is pretty cool. I’m not the biggest fan of Star Trek: Discovery; I far prefer Star Trek: Picard and Lower Decks, but I have to admit, the trailer looked interesting, at least.

Still, go girl, give us nothing or very little, Star Trek: Discovery panel. I guess these are the spoiler culture times we live in now.

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