The Walking Dead didn’t get to finish its season thanks to COVID-19, but last week the show finally debuted Season 10’s much-anticipated finale, which brought the Whisperers plot to a dramatic, action-packed close, with unlikely allies in Daryl and Negan. It also offered a setup for the upcoming season, with the soldiers of the Commonwealth surrounding our heroes, which fans of the Robert Kirkman comic should recognize.

The Walking Dead
Jeffrey Dean Morgan

The New York Comic Con 2020 Metaverse panel moderated by Chris Hardwicke (naturally) featured castmembers Norman Reedus (Daryl), Melissa McBride (Carol), Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Negan), Khary Payton (Ezekiel), and Paola Lazaro (Princess), along with showrunner Angela Kang and producer/TWD Universe Big Cheese Scott M. Gimple. It was revealed over the summer that Season 11 will officially debut much later than originally planned and that fans will be treated to an extended Season 10 in the interim. Kang spoke more on the subject and how they have had to alter everything from their shooting schedule to how many people can be on set at one time. Apparently, they have their own resident epidemic expert on hand to keep everyone safe.

As for characters, the panel discussed where their characters are now and how far they’ve come, particularly Negan and Carol. There’s also a question about how Maggie will react to seeing Negan as one of the good guys after he beat her husband Glenn to a pulp a few years back. The upcoming spinoff starring Carol and Daryl was also briefly discussed, touching on how the fan favorites will fare when they are out of their usual element.

The Walking Dead
Norman Reedus

The highlight of the panel was the consistent ribbing of Reedus as they pretended to forget his character’s name, calling him Dan throughout the half-hour chat. When the panel discussed Beta’s past life as a big-time country singer, Gimple poked that it would have been weird to see a record by Daryl. Payton chimed in that we should find out that Daryl has a trap music record somewhere, prompting Reedus to stomp off in pretend anger for about five seconds.

The 24 episodes of The Walking Dead Season 11 are still in development. The extended Season 10 is currently in production. Stay tuned for updates on release dates.

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