It is safe to say that Amazon Prime Video’s The Boys is pretty popular. The streaming series based on the Dynamite comic by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson is currently in its second season (the finale airs tomorrow), and a third season has already been ordered. There is even a Talking Dead-esque chat show where the cast and host/superfan Aisha Tyler discuss the plot, the characters, and all the bloody fun (literally) that happens in every episode.

The Boys
Karl Urban and Jack Quaid

For New York Comic Con 2020 Metaverse, The Boys cast members Karl Urban, Jack Quaid, Aya Cash, Erin Moriarty, Chace Crawford, Karen Fukuhara, Tomer Kapon, Laz Alonso, Jessie Usher, and Antony Starr (who joined in later) chatted with showrunner Eric Kripke about the show. While taking questions from fans, the panel offered a few behind the scenes glimpses at the making of such an intense, shocking, and wild series.

So about that strawberry smoothie…

Urban shared which scene he had the most fun shooting:

If I had to nail it down I would say it would be Episode 6. It would be a scene with Jack and Erin where Hughie is unconscious at the end of Episode 6. And we’re standing around talking about him slathering creamy Desitin on his bum. And there was a line of dialogue, I just couldn’t remember it. And it was like that he uses L’Oreal shampoo and I kept on saying strawberry cheesecake, strawberry ice cream. I could never remember. We were in hysterics, I must have done 20 takes trying to get the shampoo out. So that was probably the most fun. And of course, Jack, just lying there…and he starts giggling and we have to start again.

Moriarty clarifies, “Strawberry smoothie. Which is simple! So funny. You couldn’t get it right.”

The Boys
Aya Cash

Fans also asked if Hughie and Starlight will ever have a functional relationship, which in this world, seems completely impossible. Cash, who plays Stormfront, a villain more awful than Homelander (something we never thought possible), was asked what it is like playing someone so reprehensible and opposite her own personality.

The actress responded:

Thank you for understanding that there’s a difference between the actor and the character. In some ways, it’s fun and in some ways, it’s just as horrifying as watching her. So when there are moments where I have to do really terrible, awful things, it doesn’t necessarily feel good on the day. And then sometimes it’s just a blast. I mean, some of the most fun that I had on set was that day where I’m chasing Kimiko and Kenji around…we were singing and dancing and playing around the whole day up until those moments where the horror happened. So it’s a mix. But I do think that any person can be good or evil and that that’s why people are dangerous.


The cast received a video question from a rather—large—superfan: Shaquille O’Neal. The question was more of an audition to get into The Seven than anything about the show. The NBA superstar played up his superpowers and used a menacing voice to try to convince them to let him join the Supes.

Check out the second season of The Boys on Prime Video now.

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