One of the past year’s most exciting shows is back…sort of. CBS’s Evil still hasn’t started up production for its second season yet, but that didn’t mean there weren’t a few surprises at the show’s panel at NYCC. The panel was moderated by Chancellor Agard and included stars Katja HerbersMike Colter, Aasif MandviChristine LahtiKurt Fuller, and Michael Emerson, as well as creators Michelle and Robert King.

EVIL's cast and creators at NYCC '20

The panel started with a recap of season one, which was maybe to be expected since there’s no actual footage for season two yet. However, that recap was quickly followed up with a “trailer” performed in Zoom, featuring sound effects by Mandvi, screams by Herbers, and plenty of stock footage. It’s really a hilarious, but still compelling output by a team that had to navigate the early days of COVID with the Kings’ other show, The Good Fight. It’s in the panel recording below, starting around 2:25.

Robert King joked that CBS gave them 32 million to produce the trailer…but maybe that’s not a joke, considering the buckets of money CBS has, pandemic or no pandemic. If this little teaser is anything to go by, it’s going to be an excruciating wait for more Evil.

The cast spoke about why Evil is compelling to so many, with Herbers highlighting the writing and how the show helps her process the evil in today’s world. Colter gets stopped to talk about it by fans, who he said knows things about the show he doesn’t know. Mandvi feels the show is compelling because it’s about all sorts of things beyond the supernatural: psychology and technology, for example.

There were hints at what season 2 has in store. For example, there’s a new supernatural figure the Kings referred to as an “Avenging Angel,” which concept art was provided for during the panel.

EVIL's concept art of a new "Avenging Angel" character
Evil’s new “Avenging Angel” figure.

There will be other new demons: Abby, who is another version of George, the first demon we got an up-close and personal look at in season one. There will be 5 or 6 new scary characters; there was an effort in this season to tie the scares not just to the theme of the show but also to the plot, according to Robert King. Ben’s (Mandvi) love interest, Vanessa will be back, as will his sister, Karima. David (Colter)’s on a countdown for his ordination as a priest. Kristen (Herbers) may or may not be possessed.

The show will also be getting more experimental; Robert King teased an entirely silent episode with no dialogue. Apparently, he’s always wanted to do an episode like this, but it really wouldn’t fit on The Good Wife or The Good Fight. Michelle King would love a musical episode, but that’s probably being held for future seasons. We can only hope, at least.

Evil‘s second season sounds like it’s shaping up to be just as exciting as the first, so whenever it shows up on CBS, give it a chance. Its first season is ready for streaming on Netflix.

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