Hill House Comics, Joe Hill’s pop-up horror imprint over at DC Comics, just added another artist to its repertoire. Stuart Immonen, who supposedly retired from mainstream comics last year, is the artist on Hill’s book Plunge.

Plunge was part of the initial announcement of Hill House Comics, though Hill’s name was the only one attached. Hill is also writing Basketful of Heads, which is debuting this month with artist Leomacs.

Hill recently teased that he would announce the book’s artist at New York Comic Con, but this was something nobody was expecting.

News of Immonen’s retirement spread after the publication of Amazing Spider-Man #800 last year. He and his wife Kathryn Immonen have been putting out Grass of Parnassus on Instagram since October 2018.

Plunge by Joe Hill and Stuart Immonen hits shelves on February 2020. No word has been announced on the length of the series. Check out the first issue’s cover below.

Stuart Immonen



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