By Amanda Steele

For fans of post-apocalyptic and sci-fi films, the Snowpiercer movie (adapted from the comic by Jacques Lob and Jean-Marc Rochette) was definitely a must-see, strange experience. Directed by Bong Jon-ho and starring Chris Evans, the movie told the story of a group of survivors years after the world became frozen over.

The survivors found refuge in a train that travels around the entire globe. The train is also used as a metaphor for class systems and other oppression in society as those in the back of the train are forced to live in squalor and horrible conditions while those in the front live in luxury. The movie gave exciting insight into this post-apocalyptic world in a memorable way.

But, now, there is going to be a television series of the same name that will premiere on TNT the latter half of 2020. This is an exciting chance for fans of the film to get to learn more about this world and the realities of spending life on a moving train when the rest of humanity is dead. This will possibly also give more explanation into what happened in the world of Snowpiercer before the world ended. The television series will star Daveed Diggs and Jennifer Connelly.

For fans of the movie, and anyone who is looking forward to the television adaptation, there is a fun fan experience at NYCC 2019 to check out. It’s located on the North Concourse next to the official NYCC store.

This pop-up experience is one that provides fans with some souvenirs to take home, and they are actually rather interesting. All you have to do is tap your badge and then get to take home to medium-sized posters with concept art from the series. One features a snow-covered, destroyed cityscape and the other the train itself. They are actually quite nice pieces of art, and it’s always a plus to score free posters.

Also, fans get a unique experience with the free protein bars being given out at the booth. These protein bears a peanut butter and jelly flavored, but they also contain crickets. People who have seen the movie will remember one memorable scene in the Snowpiercer film when it was discovered that the train inhabitants in the lower class were fed bears to eat that contained mashed up crickets and other bugs as the main source of protein, so it’s a cool and kind of gross tie in to the movie.

This pop-up experienced doesn’t take long, and you get some interesting swag out of the process.

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