New York Comic Con saw BOOM! Studios making some surprise announcements at their panel Friday afternoon. Following on the astounding success of series such as Coda, Once and Future, and Something is Killing the Children, it was announced that there would be two new titles from the creative powerhouses Si Spurrier and Chris Wildgoose on Alienated, as well as writers Evan Narcisse, Austin Walker, and artist Daniel Bayliss on WWE: The New Day.
Alienated tells the story of three teens who discover a seemingly adorable alien who turns out to be…not quite what you’d think.

“It’s very different,” Spurrier noted. “I’ve always wondered what would have happened if E.T. had been found by a trio of troubled teens instead of a goody-two-shoes. And what if E.T. wasn’t a little turd guy, but instead an ineffable God entity? It’s the story of three outcasts who find an alien God and use it murder a bully, essentially.”

The series— launching in February 2020 — will be illustrated by Wildgoose whose work had been most noted for Gotham Academy and Batman: Nightwalker. Wildgoose gave the audience a bit of insight, calling the series a dream project and one that he gets to use more color with.
Following on that high of the panel, it was also announced that BOOM! Studios, in partnership with WWE, would be surprising fans with a new graphic novel WWE: The New Day; starring the WWE Champion Kofi Kingston, along with WWE Superstars Big E and Xavier Woods. Being headed up by journalists and critics Evan Narcisse and Austin Walker, along with artist Daniel Bayliss, the project is due to launch in 2020.

“It’ll connect with a lot of people,” said Bayliss, who was present for the panel. “They’re hilarious and smart. They couldn’t have been those people twenty years ago in the world of pro wrestling. But they rejected that idea and spent the past five years gaining a massive audience by being dorks and great performers. I’m excited to work with BOOM! Studios to show them being their most true selves.”

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