At its “Super-Powered YA” panel on Saturday at NYCC, DC revealed some first looks at artwork from its upcoming slate of YA graphic novels. Panelists there to show of their work included Shadow of the Batgirl author Sarah Kuhn and artist Nicole Goux, Teen Titans: Beast Boy writer Kami Garcia and artist Gabriel Picolo and Zatanna: The Jewel of Gravesend author Alys Arden and artist Jacquelin De Leon.

But before that first look, the Super-Powered YA panelists gave some insight on what readers can expect from the stories of these upcoming graphic novels.

Shadow of the Batgirl creators Kuhn and Goux took the stage first, discussing what sets their Gotham, and their heroine, apart from others. Specifically, the crew spoke on the importance of neurodiversity in comics; that is, a range of differences in individual brain function and behavioral traits including mental functions like autism and bipolar. It’s a portion of inclusion mainstream comics have certainly struggled with, so the news that Kuhn and Goux are making a direct effort on the matter is welcome. Specifically, the two address Cassandra’s experience struggling with “having difficulty speaking to becoming a vocal character.” Panelists also mentioned that  Shadow of the Batgirl is slated for a February 4, 2020 release.

Then, the Teen Titans: Beast Boy team took center stage. Garcia and Picolo, who’ve already made a splash with their excellent Teen Titans: Raven book, added that their second installment to this multi-part series is due sometime in 2020 before giving attendees a look at a few choice pages. Their story will follow young Garfield’s life just prior to becoming the lovable green goof – and fingers crossed meeting Raven.

Finally, Arden and De Leon took over the Super-Powered YA panel to discuss the most recently announced of these YA titles, Zatanna: The Jewel of Gravesend. The character herself has seen a reemergence in Tynion’s Justice League: Dark – but this team will turn back the clock and follow a young witch and some concept art. But, most importantly: look at her adorably punk pet bunny in that concept art. 

Check out the preview images from the Super-Powered YA panel for all three of DC’s upcoming graphic novels below.

shadow of the batgirl   shadow of the batgirl shadow of the batgirl shadow of the batgirl shadow of the batgirl

teen titans: beast boyteen titans: beast boyteen titans: beast boyteen titans: beast boy

super-powered ya panel

ssuper-powered ya panel