DC Comics is in an advanced planning phase for a project that will iron out its connected timeline and create four distinct generations, the publisher announced at its NYCC DC Nation panel on Friday.

DC Comics co-publisher Dan DiDio shared an elaborate tiered spreadsheet, but didn’t note much past that, saying, “While we won’t go into what the future is, we want to show you that what’s happening right now is a high level of planning.” The crux of this, based on what he said, seems to be a four generation approach to the publisher’s history.

The first generation will start when Wonder Woman arrives in the United States and is revealed as the first superhero. The second will be Superman’s emergence. The third will be the period from Crisis on Infinite Earths (1985) to Flashpoint (2011), and the fourth generation will be the modern stories we’re all reading right now.

When describing the first two generations, DiDio said, “I don’t remember reading those exact stories.” Strongly hinting there would be comic storytelling to flesh out the parameters of those generations and how they fit. He also repeatedly described this forthcoming timeline as the basis for the entire DC Universe moving forward.

A full panel write-up is forthcoming…


  1. Ehh, don’t care bout this timeline thing. They tried in nu52.

    Just post crisis is good enough fir me. Won’t be buying their origin retellings. Paid enough already.

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