Stanley “Artgerm” Lau has already provided two stunning covers to the new ongoing Vampirella series written by Christopher Priest and illustrated by Ergun Gunduz. For his third installment, the artist will not only grace issue #6’s cover but also the cover of Diamond Comics Distributors’ October for December 2019 Previews catalog.

Dynamite Comics has been celebrating Vampirella’s 50th anniversary since July, with new ongoing and limited series as well as a slew of collectibles. What better way to end a huge year for the character than to have her featured in a specially designed cover. For this piece, Artgerm used more traditional techniques than usual with a charcoal layer. To highlight this eye-catching cover even more, the publisher chose to enhance it with an acetate layer. Typically these covers consist of the logo on the overlay above virgin cover art. Artgerm opted to design it himself and added a dripping blood effect. Dynamite is also keeping the price for this acetate Artgerm cover at the standard $3.99.

“It’s my pleasure to provide another Vampirella cover for Dynamite, whom I’m extremely delighted to work with,” said Artgerm. “This time I’ve decided to approach the cover with charcoal—a medium that I don’t use often for commercial projects, except those I truly love. Thanks to the fans for the overwhelming response on my previous Vampirella covers and it is my privilege to have this image on the front of the Previews catalog for the comic industry.”

Take a look at the process images below tracking the image from pencils to charcoal to digital paint to the cover of Previews. Premium editions will be available for fans. Other covers for the issue are brought to you by artists such as Guillem March, Fay Dalton, and Ergun Gunduz, and a photo featuring cosplayer Lua Stardust. In addition, look for incentive covers including ones from Adam Hughes and Frank Frazetta.

Super fans should also keep their eyes peeled for a Vampirella Window Cling. Perfect for retailers and fans alike, advertise your top Vampi items or hang it just to show others how much you love the character. The 20″ x 8″ multi surface stock can be used on glass, metal, plastic laminate, and more, even outdoors. The adhesive is effective, longlasting, reusable, and leaves no residue.

Vampirella #6 will be featured in October Previews for December release. Fans can preorder theirs at their favorite local comic shop. For digital, head to Comixology, Kindle, iBooks, Google Play, Dynamite Digital, ComicsPlus, and more, or stop by Dynamite’s website.

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