By Will Henderson

The upcoming twelfth issue of Mister Miracle finally reveals what Jack Kirby intended for the Fourth World, said Tom King during his Saturday morning spotlight panel. Mister Miracle artist Mitch Gerads, who appeared with King at the panel, echoed King’s spoiler.

How does King know Kirby’s plans? Apparently he learned them on a party bus after an event for comic creators at San Diego Comic Con. With “lights” blinding him, he learned Kirby’s plans from a creator who heard about Fourth World direct from Kirby. And the reveal resolved what had been a mystery he had longed to solve.

During the panel, King also teased plans for Batman, Heroes in Crisis, and his next project with Gerads.

Come back later today for a rundown from the panel.


  1. Am I the only person totally grossed out by the idea of a writer invoking a bus conversation as sufficient to fulfilling the artistic ambitions of Jack Kirby? This seems like the kind of claim only someone who really misunderstands the creative process could make.

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