Cartoonist and oft-cited industry savior Raina Telgemeier announced yesterday at New York Comic-Con that she will be publishing two new books next year, in the form of a graphic memoir called Guts and a How-To guide to journaling called Share Your Smile. Both are set to be published through Scholastic.


Let’s start with that one, which will be published by Scholastic in April 2019. This is a guide for younger readers to learn how to make comics and draw their own experiences, which thankfully means I can stop finally buying Scott McCloud books for five year olds. The book came together as Telgemeier receives so many requests for advice, workshops, and the like that she couldn’t ever find time to do it all herself – which is where the idea of a book came together.

Guts, on the other hand, is a memoir similar to her previous books including Smile and Sisters. Scheduled for around September 2019, this memoir is set during fourth and fifth grade – so before Smile, chronologically – and follows her difficulties dealing with anxiety. In an interview for Vulture, she says:

In fourth and fifth grades, I developed a bit of an anxiety disorder and started having panic attacks and phobia, specifically regarding food and stomachaches and bodily functions. So the story walks you through that experience and tries to get inside what it’s like to have a panic attack.