by Will Henderson


The standing-room only X-Man panel on Sunday at NYCC included reveals of interior pages and covers from several X-titles including Iceman, X-Man Alpha 1, Astonishing X-Men, Mr. and Mrs. X, the X-Men Black titles, What If Magik?, X-Force, Dead Man Logan, and the 10-part Uncanny X-Men Disassembled that starts in November.

X-Men line editor Jordan D. White and Ed Brisson, one of three writers crafting Uncanny X-Men, announced the identities of the Horseman of Salvation (Magneto, Omega Red, Angel, and Blob) and talked briefly about what comes post-Disassembled.

The panel also announced Uncanny X-Men Annual #1 by Ed Brisson and Carlos Gomez, showing a hoarde of Cyclopses (Cyclopsi?) swarming each other.

Two cosplayers dressed as Wolverine were allowed to read the second issue of Charles Soule’s Return of Wolverine. Both said they loved it, with one saying “it’s extremely intense” and “there’s a very good fight scene that I can’t talk about.”

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