by Deanna Destito

In a castle dungeon there sits a reclusive ogre chained to a corpse. Now the ghost of that corpse is haunting him and pushing the ogre on an adventure he really doesn’t want to deal with, especially with the civil war raging in the outside world. Welcome to the world of Ogre, Source Point Press’s three-issue series set to hit stores on Halloween Day 2018.

Writer Bob Salley (Salvagers) was on hand at NYCC, generating buzz for the new series as well as the company’s Monstrous book, which will be included as a free comic for Halloween Comic Fest later this year. The writer found Ogre to be a refreshing change from his previous work, especially since the story is only three issues.

“It was kind of a challenge because Salvagers obviously is a three-volume series where we have 12 issues,” Salley said. “When you’re writing a smaller story you really need to do your own editing well because everything has to matter. You can’t put anything in there that doesn’t matter.”

With art and letters by Toronto-based artist Shawn Daley and edited by Travis McIntire, Salley felt that the whole project was a collaboration that made the resulting story even stronger.

“When I’m working with artists and editors I really like to listen to what they have to say because I know I don’t always know best. There were a lot of really good decisions made by Travis and Shawn I liked that I thought fit really well.”

The team loved the world so much that they are currently working on another three-issue series that will focus on different characters in a brand new story in that universe.

Fans can preorder issues #2 and #3 in Previews World, or they can speak with their local comic shop about getting their hands on copies. The second issue hits the week after Thanksgiving while the third is slated to release Christmas week. A hardcopy compilation of the issues will also appear in 2019 and will feature extras and bonus material for fans.