A new poster for the upcoming Hellboy movie reboot has clawed its way out of hell as part of New York Comic-Con (note: it did not literally do this, the poster is not sentient) and it offers our first look at the supporting cast as well as another glimpse at David Harbour’s Hellboy himself.

Over on the right hand side you can see Sasha Lane’s Alice Monaghan, flanked by Daniel Dae Kim’s Ben Daimo, and Ian McShane’s Professor Bruttenholm, whilst over on the left hand side… well, we got you your pig monsters, right there.

Most prominent of all, however, is Milla Jovovich, who’ll be leading those monsters as she plays The Blood Queen in the movie. Directed by Neil Marshall, the movie is due out in April 2019. If you’re at the Dark Horse booth, they’ll be giving out signed copies of the poster this afternoon.