As reported here and confirmed for me by ReedPOP, This year’s New York Comic COn sold a record 200,000 tickets.

That’s not quite 200K people, as I reported here, ReedPOP counts 1 ticket = 1 person, Since fans could only buy single day tickets and not four day passes, there were more individual tickets sold. Last year’s attendance was 180,000 tickets sold.

I’m working on a longer story about this, but the higher number will only add to the general perception that there were a LOT of people at the Javits on all four days. Some people thoughts Thursday and Sunday were the busiest days on the floor. And busy was very very busy, as anyone who was there knows, a milling crowd of tchatchke buying zombies.

This is still less than the 500,000 people who went to Comiket in Japan last August. And while San Diego’s announced attendance of 130,000 is smaller, an unknown number of people come to mill around.





  1. Thursday was pretty light on the floor. Much lighter than any other day. Saturday was awful, as always.

  2. Thursday on the floor was actually not bad…weekend days were unbearably crowded. They really need to do a better job of managing the flow of the crowds and prevent people from sitting on the stairs and the show floor. People were sitting 3 & 4 across on the steps down to food court and towards the end where DC was located. that’s a disaster just waiting to happen.
    Also, UP escalator from Artist Alley was out of commission for hours and i saw no sign of staff either trying to repair it or directing people to other options. The staff is nearly invisible compared to how active and visible they are at SDCC.

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