Artist Alley applications for New York Comic Con 2017 have just gone live, and as feared, Artist Aley is moving to a downstairs hall, in this case Hall E. In the ast this has variously been used for meeting rooms and demonstrations. Last year it was VR.

Javits North, where AA was located for the last few years, is being torn down to make room for an eventual much needed overall expansion of the aging, oppressive facility.

However until he expansion finished in a few years, we’ll be stuck with the low ceilings, non existant power plugs, and overflowing toilets of Hall E. And also a mere 50% of the area that the North Hall had. According to the plans on the Javits website, Hall E is a mere 45,00 sq. feet to Javits North’s 80,000 sq. ft.

Occupancy is even worse, 1,545 to 5,596. (Personall I think they could have squeezed in an extra four people for an even 5,600.)

There will be jostling.



So not only is the feng shui and bathroom situation going to be way worse, there are just going to be far fewer people in Artist Alley to begin with.

This is really unfortunate but in all honesty I don’t know what else the ReedPop folks could have done. The Javits is just a crap convention center and until the expansion is finished you have to work with what is standing.

Still, one of the truly awesome spots on the convention circuit is gone for good.


Artist Alley Update: As many of you know, the North Pavilion will be torn down to make way for the pending expansion. In the meantime, Artist Alley will now be located in the Hall 1E of the Javits Center, located immediately to the left and down from the Crystal Palace.

Please fill out this registration form completely and fully. Please note that Artist Alley is curated and NOT first come, first serve; the order that we receive applications does not have an impact on whether you receive a table. Note: if you exhibited in the 2016 Artist Alley you are not automatically accepted to the event in 2017 – you must reapply each year.

Applications will close on Friday, June 16, 2017.





    The River pavilion has the same square footage, higher ceilings, and lots of light.
    It’s hidden, but it could work, even better if you place larger booths along the walls in the “4-D” area which leads to the Pavilion.
    Bathrooms are horrible there (one each, very tiny). But the terraces offer fresh air.

    The media rooms which usually are placed there can be moved to 1-E, which is remote and private.

    Sound crazy? Well, That pavilion once hosted the worldwide premiere of “X-Men: Days of Future Past”.

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