beat-lion-forge-nycc.jpgdan-dare-logo-copyAnnounced this morning at the retailer’s breakfast at NYCC, Titan Comics will be bringing back Frank Hampson’s classic future pilot of the “1990’s”, in a new series debuting in 2017. The character has made a few sporadic, though high profile appearances over the past few decades, with notable creators attached like Grant Morrison and Rian Hughes’ re-envisioning of the character in “Dare” for Revolver and the Garth Ennis-Gary Erskine relaunch for Virgin Comics almost ten years ago.

Titan has been reprinting the original adventures for well over a decade now, and this new outing should prove exciting for those with fond memories of this British icon.


(October, 6, 2016) – Titan Comics are excited to announce the release of a brand-new Dan Dare comic series, the publisher revealed today at New York Comic-Con.

Hitting stores in 2017, the new series is charting a new territory for the celebrated classic British character.

Since 2004, Titan has been re-publishing the entire classic back catalogue of Dan Dare.  Titan Comics’ new series is set to jumpstart new adventures of the classic strip that originally ran in the iconic British publication, The Eagle from 1950 to 1967.

Dan Dare is one of the best known (and loved) British comic book characters. Originally created by the Reverend Marcus Morris and visionary illustrator Frank Hampson, Dan Dare thrilled audiences through its initial 17-year history with its epic, planetary sagas, rip-roaring high-adventure and beautifully illustrated comic-strip art by Hampson and a slew of legendary artists including Frank Bellamy, Don Harley and Keith Watson. Dan Dare Corporation via Curtis Brown Group Ltd, London, licenses the character.

“We wanted to bring back the spirit of the classic Dan Dare, that spirit of courage and daring do, Dare’s innate decency and pluck. There have been many different Dares since the original,” said editor David Leach, “We’ve had our dark and political Dare, the Grandson of Dare and even a sort of space pirate Dare, but this incarnation will be the original Dare – that young, heroic, brave and determined Dare that we came to love. We wanted to get back to what made him special in the first place. And what better way to do that in than a rollicking, epic, galaxy-spanning space saga!”

Dan Dare #1 hits comic stores in 2017 and will also be available on digital platforms. Retailer will be able to order issue #1 from Diamond’s February edition of PREVIEWS.

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