CubHouseLion Forge has been on a hiring spree lately and we’re starting to see what they’ve been up to with that.  Today, they’re announcing a new imprint for readers 12 and under called “CubHouse.”

CubHouse will be under Senior Editor Andrea Colvin, who was previously VP of Content at Andrews McMeel Universal and would seem like a perfect fit for such an imprint.

This is Lion Forge’s third imprint, with “Roar” being targeted at Young Adults and Lion Forge proper being targeted at “older readers,” which I guess means over 21.

Official PR follows:

Welcome To The CubHouse!

Lion Forge Launches Kid’s Comics Imprint
(St. Louis, MO- October 8th 2016 ) Lion Forge Comics announced today the official launch of their children’s comics imprint, CubHouse.
After the success of the Roar Comics line, Lion Forge decided it was time to focus specifically on young adult titles and children’s books independently. David Steward II, Publisher and Founder of Lion Forge explains, “We’re excited to introduce our newest imprint for kids under 12—CubHouse! At Lion Forge our mantra is ‘Comics for Everyone’ and through this imprint and with our new Senior Editor, Andrea Colvin, we will produce quality comics, graphic novels, and visual literature for all kids in that age range. CubHouse joins our other imprints—Roar for Young Adults and Lion Forge for older readers. It began as a small idea, and then caught fire with the rest of our team as a part of our mission to provide our fans with a clear way to find content that suits them.”

Geoff Gerber, Lion Forge President, thought the designation was of specific importance. “In a marketplace where too many people think that books aimed at all ages address the interests of child readers, it is important to clearly identify those books created for middle grade readers and children. Likewise, YA readers deserve support to quickly identify books that cater to their interests. Creating an imprint dedicated to younger readers is a commitment by Lion Forge to serve the interests of younger readers and to build the future audience for visual literature.”

Andrea Colvin recently joined Lion Forge as Senior Editor for Roar, and will be heading up the CubHouse line as well. “We are thrilled to be extending Lion Forge’s mission of ‘Comics for Everyone’ to younger readers. We know that many children gravitate toward the comics format, and we are committed to creating delightful, informative, exciting, and innovative comics titles that all children can see themselves reflected in—from stories about growing up in the city to stories about growing up in space, and everything in between.”

About Lion Forge Comics:

Lion Forge Comics strives to create comics that everyone, regardless of background or ethnicity, can identify with. Their title ANDRE THE GIANT: CLOSER TO HEAVEN was nominated for three Glyph Awards. From indie creators to licensed properties including Dreamworks’ VOLTRON LEGENDARY DEFENDER, NBC/Universal’s MIAMI VICE, AIRWOLF, PUNKY BREWSTER, SAVED BY THE BELL, and KNIGHT RIDER, and American Greetings’ CARE BEARS and MADBALLS, there is something for every level of comics fan. Lion Forge Comics – Comics For Everyone. Visit for more information.