The expected crossover between All-New X-Men and Guardians of the Galaxy (both titles written by Brian Michael Bendis) has been announced as “Trial of Jean Grey”, starting in January 2014. The storyline will see Sara Pichelli drawing GOTG, and Stuart Immonen on ANXM.


This is a storyline which has been set up through All-New X-Men in bits and pieces over the last few months, and – at the time of press – looks like it will be focusing on the teenage version of Jean Grey. With the Universe finding out that the host of the Phoenix Force is apparently back alive, a huge group of people are suddenly going to surge upon Earth in order to make sure she doesn’t, y’know, murder a planet again.

Whilst the Universe is out to get her, it looks like both the X-Men and the Guardians will be working hard to try and protect her from the odds.


As an extra note, one thing you’re going to hear a lot about this weekend is the ‘point one’ numbering system. Marvel are implementing it again in 2014, but this time on the regular titles. If a book has a “.NOW” suffix at the end, it’s being marketed as a jumping on point for new readers. So, using this system, The Trial of Jean Grey will start in All New X-Men 22.NOW and Guardians of the Galaxy 11.NOW.

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