Marvel have announced their plans for the follow-up to Avengers Arena, the somewhat controversial series in which a number of trainee superheroes were kidnapped and forced to fight each other to the death by Arcade. Written by Dennis Hopeless and drawn by Kev Walker – the creative team from Avengers Arena – the series will see several teen heroes go on a new mission.

Spoilers for Avengers Arena below.Avengers Undercover 001 Francesco Mattina Cover.jpg

This new series will follow characters from Avengers Arena, safe and fine and not-murdered, as they try to infiltrate the Masters of Evil. Among the cast are Hazmat, Bloodstone, Death Locket, Cammy, and Anachronism. As they attempt to get on the inside, however, it’s going to test their moral boundaries as they get tempted to outright join the team for real.

Whereas the previous series was all about who will make it out alive, this seems to be more a question of “who will make it out not-evil?” Avengers Undercover #1 is due in March next year.


  1. All I care is if Darkhawk (Chris Powell) made it out alive. He appeared to be held in suspended animation in the morgue area versus actually dead. The rest of the characters have not really grown on me over the series so I am curious how this one will do with the fans over all.

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