James Rhodes is getting a new solo series next March, with Ales Kot and Garry Brown sticking him in a red white and blue killing machine for ‘Iron Patriot’.


Another title with conspicuous ties to the movie version of the character, the series will takes Rhodes out of the War Machine armour he’s best known for and get him set up in the Iron Patriot machine. In the movie Universe, the character wears the outfit for much of the third Iron Man film. In the comics, the costume is best known for being the armour worn by Norman Osborn back when he was ruling America.

So that should be interesting. The series follows on from Infinity, it appears, with the character being billed as the main hero left in America. With the other Avengers off in space or wandering round the globe, James Rhodes seems set to be the central hero of America. There also seems to be a streak of militarism here – much like with Captain Marvel, the character is a proud serving soldier – which will inform the tone of the series, as Iron Patriot takes on domestic terrorists.