Possibly one of the most demanded comics from fans, Marvel have announced today that they will be publishing a new Black Widow solo series, written by Nathan Edmondson and drawn by Phil Noto. Natasha Romanov will be in the title role.


In a pitch which seems to draw heavily from the character as-depicted in The Avengers movie, the Black Widow series will focus on the character when she’s not being an Avenger. To that extent, this’ll be a little like the premise of Hawkeye, only with less dogs and weird mobs and more vengeance, bloodshed, atonement, and spy stuff. She… doesn’t have much interest in relaxing, it appears.

The book will be honed in on her past life as an assassin, as she tries to make amends for all the contract killings she entered into. Nathan Edmondson is best known for his critically acclaimed books as Image, including Who is Jake Ellis?. He’ll be joined on the book by Phil Noto, who is well-known as a Black Widow fan, as five seconds spent on his Tumblr will testify. This should be a winner.

Black Widow will start in January.




  1. I got excited about the last Black Widow solo series only for Marvel to cancel it after less than a year. Not sure how to react to this announcement.

  2. I am with srfan – the team is great, but I have little confidence that Marvel will keep it going for even a year. I hope we at least get a great first arc, as “The Name of the Rose” was in 2010.

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