Short answer: splattered on a sidewalk.

Longer answer: When not in an interview or meeting, my home base will be the Publishers Weekly booth, #3147. I’ll be there with beat alumna Kate Fitzsimons and the rest of the PW crew (But NOT Calvin Reid, who’s at the Frankfort Book Fair for a change). Please stop by to enter our raffle, sign up for PW Comics World, talk about PW, or just say hello!

Thursday I’m doing a talk for publishers at 8 am! This will be the greatest achievement of my life! If someone has a backseat in their car I can pass out in afterwards, please DM me.

Other panels I’m on:

Thursday, October 11

Publishers Weekly Presents: How to Edit a Graphic Novel
4:00PM – 5:00PM         1A04

What does it take to edit Graphic Novels? As this category grows, new strategies and new creators have emerged. Publishers Weekly’s Heidi MacDonald talks to the editors who are standing behind some of the most notable and beloved books of the graphic novel revolution to find out what it takes and what’s next. With Karen Berger, Senior VP-Executive Editor Vertigo Comics; Carol Burrell, Editorial Director, Lerner Graphic Universe; Callista Brill, editor, First Second; JuYoun Lee, Senior Editor, Yen Press; and James Lucas Jones, editor-in-chief, Oni Press.
Speakers: Callista Brill  Carol Burrell  Heidi MacDonald  James Lucas Jones  Ju Youn Lee  Karen Berger

Friday, October 12

Geek Thoughts: Top Blogs Discuss Writing About Science Fiction, Fantasy and Fandom
5:15PM – 6:15PM         1A01
Your favorite Geek Blogs: Live! Join Tor.com, Boing, Boing The Mary Sue, io9, The Beat and Bleeding Cool as they discuss how their blogs approach the conversation of science fiction, fantasy, genre and fandom online. Moderated by Ryan Britt of Tor.com.
Speakers: Cyriaque Lamar  Heidi McDonald  Jamie Frevele  Jill Pantozzi  Rich Johnston  Ryan Britt

Sunday, October 14
Getting Graphic with Girls: Empowering Girls and Addressing Issues through Paneled Pictures
Join some of graphic novel’s best and brightest female writers/illustrators for a frank and lively discussion about creating comics for a young female reading audience and addressing the real life issues that matter to them.
Panelists: Cecil Castellucci, Colleen Venable, Laura Lee Gulledge, Lucy Knisley, and Heidi MacDonald

Wow I get to close out the show with this one. there’s nothing like watching that last dying ember of fandom from the stage. Seriously, what a great panel. PLEASE COME OUT!