While we were in Baltimore, the Manga Set were at New York Anime Fest. Reports are everywhere on the web. Brigid, predictably, has a fine roundup. Yen Press announced several new titles, and Del Rey announced a deal with Cartoon Network:

Joining Bakugan in their new Cartoon Network comics is Ben 10 Alien Force. Similar to their Bakugan roll-out, a Ben 10 full color ani-manga will debut in April 2009, followed by an original black and white manga story in Fall 2009.

Again, good to see more kid-friendly comics coming out in 2009 — but I had to wonder why Cartoon Network opted to work with Del Rey Manga on this project instead of partnering with their fellow Time-Warner partner CMX Manga or DC Comics. There’s probably a simple answer to this, but this was a topic that came up as a few of us in the audience compared notes afterwards.

We even got some text messages about this news, but Del Rey would seem, on the face of it, to be in much better position to produce ORIGINAL manga than CMX is, so it may be that simple.

[Photo taken from and ©2008 digitalvillain’s Flickr stream.]


  1. My daughter and I didn’t attend any of the announcements, but we remember those bucket-headed guys!

    We had a great time! The vibe was very positive and we’re looking forward to going back next year.

  2. I am addicted to this show, and have just started collecting the Bakugan Trading Card Game.
    Another obsession, Oh Well! Have fun in life is what I always say.

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