Ahead of their solicitations, The Beat has learned about several new books coming out in September and beyond.

art by Jim Cheung
art by Jim Cheung
  • GI JOE returns to the shelves with a brand new ongoing by novelist Karen Traviss, with art from Steve Kurth. Traviss used to write DC’s Gears of War comics, and she is well suited for this gig. (IDW)
  • Jonathn Hickman and Nick Pitarra’s Manhattan Projects will be getting the oversized hardcover treatment (Image), along with Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie’s complete run on Young Avengers (Marvel).
  • The fifth issue of Jupiter’s Legacy has been officially rescheduled, and should, maybe, probably ship in Septmeber. (Image)
  • Marvel titles continue to creep upwards to the $4.99 mark, with several releases in September.
  • Despite not shipping until October, AXIS #1 appears on the order list. Presumably, it will function like The Death of Wolverine, appearing in the retailer order book, while not making an appearance in the regular Marvel solicitation packet for that month. Expect a fancy cover to go along with this advanced solicitation. (Marvel)
  • Salvador Larocca takes on Uncanny Avengers on the road to AXIS along with regular series writer Rick Remender. Al Ewing and Dale Keown will be the creative team of Avengers #34.1 (running at $4.99), which hits just before Hickmen accelerates the timeline forward eight months in Avengers #35 with artist Jim Cheung. New Avengers #24 also features a time jump, and is drawn by Mike Deodato. (Marvel)
  • The Thor and Loki titles return after a brief hiatus during Original Sin. Iron Man is still off the schedule, but is primed for a return during AXIS (Marvel)
  • Deadpool #34 will be a special $4.99 issue, and will come with a 3D cover variant. (Marvel)
  • The first two Powers collections finally get reprinted in softcover, just in time to capitalize on the TV series buzz.
  • Afterlife With Archie #7 gets resolicited along with the first issue of Archie’s new 50s inspired Sabrina horror comic. Issue 6 will hit the stands in late June. (Archie)
  • Garth Ennis’ Rover Red Charlie gets a collection, as David Lapham takes on the next round of Crossed, beginning with issue #62 (Avatar)
  • Duane Swierczynski is the latest creator to drop into Dynamite’s new Creators Unleashed line with a series called Ex Con. Other exciting additions to the Dynamite line include a Dawn/Vampirella series from Joseph Lisner, a brand new Alice Cooper series with writer Joe Harris, and a new Pergatori series. (Dynamite)
  • Paul Pope returns to the Battling Boy universe with the first volume of Aurora West (01:Second)
  • Grant Morrison and Fraser Irving drop the first issue of Annihilator on the masses. (Legendary)
  • The third volume of Stumptown takes off from writer Greg Rucka and new series artist Justin Greenwood. (Oni Press)
  • Charles Burns returns to bring us nightmares with a volume called Sugar Skull. (Pantheon)
  • A series starring the 12th Doctor is solicited from Titan Comics, along with their continuing 10th and 11th books. (Titan Comics)


  1. “Marvel titles continue to creep upwards to the $4.99 mark, with several releases in September.”

    Yes, though it should be noted that all of those $4.99 books are extra-sized (i.e. 40, or more, pages, vs. the standard 32). Still, there are an overwhelmingly large number of the buggers. Including the entirety of the DEATH OF WOLVERINE mini. (Really, Marvel? Seriously?) It’s not like he’ll be dead for good…

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