Things being said:

§ Mark Millar on Gene Colan

I first discovered Gene Colan in the Dracula pocket-books, reprinted here in Scotland when I was ten. When I think of his art it’s always in black and white because Marvel UK is where I was most exposed to it, but I also feel it’s where it looked best. Dick Giordano is a massive Batman fan and when he became editor of the books in 1980 he nabbed Gerry Conway, Gene and Don Newton who were all at the top of their game, producing I think the most underrated run on Batman ever. I loved seeing Gene drawing superheroes because he brought a realistic, painterly quality, a European brush-line to the characters that made them look like people in unusual clothes as opposed to the cardboard cut-out figures icons we’re generally used to. His Superman looked like a brooding Brando, never moreso than the beautiful, spooky Phantom Zone mini-series he did with Steve Gerber. Bryan Hitch and I would reference his stuff regularly when we were on Ultimates, that quiet naturalism John Buscema (and Hitchy himself) was so good at very evident in every page of his work.

§ Neil Gaiman on his Simpsons appearance (read the whole interview! Good summation of what Neil is doing):

And I am in The Simpsons, which is glorious. On a episode called The Book Job which will come out in October. I thought I was going to be one of those celebrities who comes in and just does one line and instead I discovered that no, I’m actually part of the story and they wrote this whole thing for me. That was a bit nerve-wracking.

§ Fanboy Wife on GREEN LANTERN:

Ash went against his better judgment and took me with him to see Green Lantern at midnight. He wore his Green Lantern t-shirt and sweatshirt. He has also been using his Green Lantern keychain. After we got in the theater, Ash took out his plastic ring and put it on conveniently on the side furthest from me so I couldn’t take it away despite my poking. He said that all the other nerds were wearing them so he should wear his too. There were over a dozen other fanboys wearing Green Lantern shirts, and the one closest to us also wore his plastic ring. There was only one woman that wore a Green Lantern shirt. There were two other women in the cinema, and they sat in front of us and sent text messages during the entire movie.