Brave New World Comics – The Pop Culture Superstore from Fe Bandana Pictures on Vimeo.

This is a little short film/advertisement that was made about Brave New World, a comics shop in Newhall, CA that’s a past Spirit of Retailing Award winner. It’s run by Portlyn Freeman and partner Autumn. We hear so much about crappy unwelcoming comics shops, let’s take a moment to spotlight one that really understands the importance of a welcoming customer experience.


  1. Hi. My name is Dave. I’m Portlyn’s big brother. For the record her real first name has actually always been Portlyn. But her last name was never Freeman. Not even when she was married.

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Heidi! Sad that people seem to think that girls in comics is a brand new phenomenon…worse yet that they think it’s a trend, and not just reality. And thanks to my big brother for defending my honor!
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