According to a report from Bloomberg, Nintendo is planning to introduce a mid-generation upgrade for its mega-popular hybrid console. The new Nintendo Switch will have a slightly larger screen at 7 inches and a premium OLED screen. Most significantly, the Switch upgrade will be able to achieve 4K resolution in docked mode.

Switch upgrade pic

With the arrival of next-gen consoles, an upgrade to the Switch is all but necessary to run games made originally for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series. A boost in power also allows Nintendo to create first-party titles with higher graphics and fidelity.

The big question now is what games will launch with the so-called Switch Pro. Nintendo didn’t provide any new information about the Breath of the Wild sequel during its latest Direct, so it’s unlikely to be ready anytime this year. Still, if past is precedent, Nintendo will have at least one A-list game on deck for the debut of its new hardware. We’ll likely learn what games will accompany the new Switch in the coming months.