Terry Moore has been posting some of the sketches he’ll have for sale at Baltimore Comic-Con, like this one of SIN CITY’s Nancy Callahan,

Man, he’s going to have a hard time selling these doodles.


  1. Terry Moore should redraw every single page of every Sin City story. Frank Miller’s a great writer when he’s not being racist or writing for Jim Lee, but geez, he’s a terrible artist.

  2. @Rob – respectfully disagree. He has a really unique vision. Sometimes it gets confusing and not super approachable, but his is some very graphically powerful work.

    Terry Moore’s work is amazing, too – I love it, but there’s more than one way to do this thing we call comics. Everything doesn’t have to look exactly like the world we all live in. Miller’s work is powerfully expressive.

  3. No, Frank hasn’t been great since early Sin City days. Terry Moore on the other hand- wow, great stuff! So much better than the old SiP!

  4. I’m sorry, but all Terry Moore’s women look pretty much the same to me: just like either Francine or Katchoo. I always found it difficult to tell his characters apart when reading SIP.