One of the nicest traditions of comic art festivals is the attractive and fun badges with art by notable cartoonists. The Society of Illustrators has just revealed the badge art for the 2018 MoCCA Arts Festival. This years artist is illustrator, comic book artist and animator Rebecca Mock. There are designs for Exhibitors, VIP, Press, Staff, and Volunteers and here’s a sneak peek. More will be revealed on social media.

Mock specializes in complex, multilayered illustrations and these fit the bill, with a unique spin just for comics festivals!

Mock’s colorful, detailed badge art imagery describes “festival life”, with characters busily preparing for the Fest: Printing on a risograph, working at an artist’s desk, instagramming “haul”, transporting merchandise to the Fest, and setting up a festival booth. Follow the Society’s instagram (@soi128) to see the complete set, plus a special animated illustration create by Mock!

Rebecca Mock specializes in atmospheric, cinematic art. Her first graphic novels Compass South and the sequel Knife’s Edge (Farrar, Straus and Giroux), both written by Hope Larson, follow the story of young twin explorers, whose adventures introduce them to new lands and stories while uncovering important life lessons including  gender roles and identity. Mock’s next project, Salt Witch, will be released in 2020.