Nice Art: Mister X poster gallery by Jaime Hernandez and Paul Rivoche

There was never ever nor will there ever be a better promotional campaign than this one for Voxtex Comics Mister X series, which was mostly written by Gilbert Hernandez with Jaime and Mario, and drawn by Jaime Hernandez and designed by Dean Motter and Paul Rivoche. Alas it turned out that Voxtex was another small time comics company that didn’t pay on time, (Rivoche, who designed some of these amazing posters, quite before the project came out) and the experience pretty much soured the Hernandez on mainstream comics for ever. Actually, that’s no an alas, that’s a HOORAY! After Los Bros drew four issues, a guy named Seth took over.

Dark Horse put out a collection a few years ago which is apparently pretty hard to find.

I had these posters but they were destroyed in a fire. =(

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