Liam Sharp posted his cover for Wonder Woman #7 on his FB page and called it “‘the reverse Frazetta’, as it is very much an homage!”

It’s a reference to this classic Conan cover by Frank Frazetta.

And yeah, it’s nice to see it the gender swapped version. Works just as well.


  1. Actually it does not work quite as well. Sharp rotated the alter and knife wielding guy but left Wonder Woman in the original orientation. Conan was heading to the action, Wonder Woman is heading away from it. Apart from that it does look nice.

  2. Those nasty colors don’t work in that style. Colorist went for homage, but failed.

  3. To me the only thing to improve is the size of Wonder Woman, for somebody who is standing right beside the altar she is very small person. By her size its seems she is far away from the altar but the scene consider her almost arriving to the altar

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