Award-winning illustrator/cartoonist Koren Shadmi’s graphic novel IN THE FLESH was published by Random House in 2009. Now he’s working on a webcomic called THE ABADDON, which he describes as “Jean Paul Sartre meets Three’s Company” with humor and drama meeting existential dilemmas.

The comic tells the story of Ter, who finds himself trapped in a bizarre apartment with a group of ill matched roommates. He quickly discovers that his new home doesn’t adhere to any rational laws of nature, and poses a strange enigma – a puzzle he needs to solve in order to escape. Ter also realizes that he and his roommates are missing a crucial part of their memories and identities, He decides he must try and find out more about their obscure past.

40 episodes of THE ABADDON are now online so you can definitely get a good chunk of the story. It’s part of an developing online comics collective called PowerNap.